Return of the Sacred Feminine
We come to the Circle with loving hearts and open minds, engaging our "wise
women" wisdom.

The role of women today is the same as it always has been: to nurture, to make
strong, to engage one another in deeper levels of wisdom and compassion.  We
engage in the ceremonial powers of the feminine through ritual, ceremonies, and
the powers of the ancient medicine women.  We engage in global events for the
healing of our Earth Mother and all her inhabitants.

Please register for each Women In Circle.
Newslettter of Women In Circle gatherings are sent to the Women registered on the
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Women In Circle meets for special events associated with the seasons and the thirteen moons.
Woman am, Spirit am I
Infinite wisdom is within my soul
I have no beginning and I have no end
All this I am.
We are sisters on a journey
Singing now as one
Remembering the ancient ones
The women and their wisdom
The women and their wisdom.

We are sisters on a journey
Shining now as one
Shining through the darkest night
The healing has begun, begun
The healing has begun.