Turtle got my attention.  So I knew I was to listen.  I asked, "Turtle, what is your wisdom?
Turtle speaks, "I am very sure, methodical and observant.  I take my time. Trust that all is
well.  My wisdom resides within me.  When obstacles and fear challenge me I go inward
and find solace within my inner sanctuary.  I venture outward in my journey to experience
productive, safe and wise journey.
My process may be slow, but then what is my hurry?  You see for me there is no time.  It is
only the NOW that I concentrate on and I only know eternity.  I may seem hard, safe and
secure on the outside, and perhaps lifeless at times, but within I am very much alive.  My
alive withinness touches the Earth and takes great comfort from her.  Be like Turtle.  Touch
the Earth and take pleasure in her generous life pulsing gift."
I am the creator, no separation in from the sun, moon, stars, plants, stones, all that is.
I am thus the "Mystery" - too much to be expressed, too much to be known.  But, you know
I am beyond the limitations of words, the simplicity of your mind, and the perception of
my usefulness and sacredness.

You asked for a message from me, so I will simply say now - Love me as you love yourself.  
Give life to me as you give life to yourself.  For I am in you and you are in me.  There is
no separation.  

Look at me and see your reflection.  Are we clear, pure, loved, life giving?  You came from
my water.  Live by water and will return to my waters.
                       WE ARE ALL SACRED

      Lee Hilfiker, August 15, 2013
The following are only a few of the many messages I have channeled over more than 40 years
of my life.  The Spirit Keepers are all around us, to counsel us, provide healing.  They are
available to all of us, if we They are the best counselors for us individually and for all/

                           More Spirit keepers messages will be added soon.  
Upcoming event on journeying and channeling messages from Spirits of Creation.
Shovel me away if you're desperate
Or let me quietly melt away,
when life anew is ready.

Man is too desperate
To let nature take it's course.

Lee Hilfiker, January 29, 1987