An energy healing focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection which is seen as one interdependent unit that must
harmonize for good health.  Lee draws upon energy based techniques of her shaman mentors in energy healing
including  ceremonial traditions.   This includes sound, energy adjustments and shamanic journeying, calling on
Spirit Helper's assistance and guidance.  Lee also incorporate extensive training in Healing Touch and Reiki, using
light touch to balance the energy field, strengthening the luminous body filaments, the physical body, chakras and
meridians.  Special attention is given to the consciousness held at each chakra level in order to release blocks, to
balance and integrate mind, emotion, body and spirit.  As the energy becomes more balanced you will reach a deep
level of relaxation.  A shamanic Energy Attunement goes to the source of the dis-ease, the cause for its manifestation.

Benefits of Energy Attunement
  • Clear dis-ease causing elements from the body, mind, and spirit
  • Assist body in clearing toxins
  • Decrease side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • Support the immune system
  • Extract dark energies and increase Spiritual Protection
Shamanic healing can help those suffering from abuse, trauma, depression, grief, physical illness or injury.  Some of the   
many benefits include an increase in personal power and vitality, an increase in the capacity to give and receive love,  
help to manifest your dreams, and assist in the dying process.   

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction - Energy Cleansing
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Guardian Spirit Connection
  • Healing Ancestral Imprinting
  • Healing Past Life that is imprinting this lifetime
  • Destiny Healing - Guidance and visions of the future lifetime
  • Connect with Higher Self and Future Self
  • Death & Dying - Preparation for death and dying
  • Regression - Discover recurring issues and relationship patterns
  • Counseling - integrative shamanic traditional with contemporary clinical methods

Session Information
Dress comfortably as you will remain fully clothed while laying on a soft pad on the floor.  If you have any physical
disabilities that would make laying on the floor uncomfortable, request being on a massage table.

During your first appointment we will discuss what has been causing you problems, and get into what could be behind
those problems.  I always explain each step before proceeding.  With shamanic work the client's consent is a critical factor
in the outcome of healing benefits.

The session begins with smudging, calling in the Spirit Guides and drumming to produce the altered state of
consciousness for shamanic journeying. My Spirit Guides are friendly and compassionate and advise and direct much of
the actual healing.  These spirits will help with diagnosis and recommend which methods of healing should be used and
which might need to happen next.    

Shamanic Healing ceremonies generally take up to two hours.
How to make an appointment:
Go to "Contact" on the tool bar and send me a message that includes the healing you are seeking; Energy
Attunement or Shamanic Healing.  Please include your phone number.  I like to speak with a person to
find out if shamanic work is right for them and if I am the right practitioner for them.
I am located in Eau Claire, WI.  Please list your location in your "Contact" message.

Session Information
Dress comfortably as you will be fully clothed, with shoes off, resting comfortably on a padded massage
table.  The session will take approximately one hour and will include a brief explanation of the healing
techniques and allows the client to discuss any goals or specific areas to focus upon during the healing
and counseling discussion of your session experience.
A shaman is a kind of medicine person and technician of the sacred, who works in the domains of the soul and the
energies of life and beyond time.  Shamana Lee provides private healing sessions which may include
one or more of the following:
Spiritual Counseling, Soul Reintegration, Power animal Retrieval, Connection with Spirit Helpers
and Personal Guides, Extraction, Divination, Ceremonial Rites of Passage and Energy healing.
the aura.  That light is within and surrounding all beings.  This light body contains a template of luminous threads.
Disease manifest in the luminous body template long before it becomes dense and apparent in the physical body.  The

In addition to the restoration of the light body template, an energy healing may require an extraction and/or soul
retrieval, restoration of the light body template also known as the aura, and the restoration of the flow of the chakras
and meridians.  The shaman may also use plants, flower essences, smudging and ceremony to restore harmony.

Clearing the luminous body and restoring energy flow can bring physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.  Ideally,
energy work is best used as a preventative, before the illness manifests in the body.  Indication for energy attunement
may be during periods of high stress, feeling a lack of energy, following trauma, an accident, grief or misfortune.