tries to keep alive, like roots feeding from her heart, her spirit, taking all the color of her
She is old, old, not in years but in wisdom, a women who carries within her the
memories of her ancestors, of her family's collective unconscious inscribed in her genes.  
Stories passed from generations, evidence of lives lived and now no more than a dream,
real or unreal.

The memories she holds on to are not of significant accomplishments of individuals but
rather the everyday evidences of their lives encoded in a cup, a doll, a cobblers knife, a
lantern and on and on in all the things that remind her of them, a token that says they

Now she is aware of her own passing to come.  Will anyone know her story, that she
lived, or shall she be forgotten when her children are gone?  Is it important that her life
be remembered - valued by others?  She is beginning to see that it is not.

Her life is only meant to be her life - important for the purpose of her own soul's
journey.  It may have meaning for others but that is not her primary purpose for living.

As she weaves the roots of her family and the memories that reside in her heart she feels
the heaviness of trying to keep them all alive.

So, she begins to give up the burden of keeping her ancestors, her roots alive.  She needs
not prove their lives had worth.  They know that themselves.  She lets go of the past,
the pain of it as well as the pleasure.

She lets go then and the place within her heart becomes light  -- and she can breathe.  If
she were to hold on she would die, not physical death but the death of her spirit.

Her ancestors say to her, "Old Wise Woman, it is time to let us go, time for you to be
free.  Your soul has been rooted deeply in hanging on to our many, many lives.  Your
living has been about the state of earthly survival but it is now time your living be a
state of spiritual bliss.  It is possible!
LET GO and you shall truly live."

It scares her!  All the things she has loved, that identified who she was, her likes, her
way.  Now give them away?  Who then will she be?

She shall discover.......

exhibit, L.E. Phillips Library, an exhibit Lee
created for healing expressions from artists
throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Was created while enduring cancer treatment
and the grief of the deaths of both my mother
and father. Lee continued to work at her
Professional Counselor office, offering
support groups for diabetes, Spiritual
Emergency, Art Therapy, Grief and
Depression counseling.

service from to develop healing communities as a part of individual
or collective ways to live fully.
just completed the third edition of "Finding My Way - From Trauma
to Transformation: The Journey Through Loss and Grief"

Finding My Way is available at, Finding My
Way - John Schneider

He deeply loved his family knowing intimately that grief's journey is
a powerful teacher of what is truly to be cherished in our lifetime.  
He inspired me in my writings and inspired my arts
therapy creations.
Thank you John for your support and wisdom.