Drumming is an ancient, universal language, a tool of communication,
bringing people together regardless of their color, gender, religion, or
spirited path.  The mission is to bring peace and harmony to oneself, the
community, and into the world.  
"The Drum is the Great Spirit's favorite instrument.  
That's why we were all given a heartbeat."
Mano, Navajo Elder
Therapeutic Power of the Drum
Current research is now verifying the therapeutic effects of drumming.  Drumming has been found to reduce tension, anxiety and
painkillers, and can thereby help in the control of pain, accelerating physical healing, boosting the immune system and producing
feelings of well-being, a releasing of emotions, and calming effect.
The drum is a sacred instrument.  Both the spirit of animal, in it's rawhide, and
the tree's wood  exists in your drum.  The spirit of each drum is unique and you
will find that a powerful connection develops between you and the spirit of
your drum.

Please Contact Lee to participate.  You will then receive the focused intent of the Drumming With Spirit session, the
location, date and time.
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We engage in the journeys to step outside of time, traveling to the lower and upper worlds for Power Animal Retrieval
and to connect with a
Spirit Guide.  No previous experience is necessary either in drumming or in shamanic journeying.  

Bring a blanket and eye cover to enhance your journeying travel outside of time.  Bring a drum and/or rattle if you have
them.  A limited number of drums are available for those who do not have one.  Please RSVP.  I will have the necessary
space and arrangements reserved for you.
Each Drumming With Spirit session offers teachings and
ceremony.  In Drumming With Spirit sessions we engage
in the drumming rhythms and in ceremony for one or
more of the following:

  • Drumming the Medicine Wheel
  • Drumming for Healing and Wellness
  • Drumming Prayer Rounds and Drumming
  • Shamanic Drum and Journey
  • Ceremonies of the Seasons
  • Prayer rounds for healing and peace