Sacred Way
A Spiritual Path For Living and Healing
Living in a sacred way restores balance and harmony to
ourselves, our communities and our  Earth Mother.  
Mother Earth, Father Sky share their spirit with all the
life they support.
Sami-Lapland, Sweden
By incorporating ceremonial practices into our daily lives we can enrich our sense of spirituality in the modern world, restoring
balance and harmony to ourselves, our communities, and our planet as a whole.
Shamana Lee Hilfiker specializes in Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Transitions, Illness, End of Life
Care, Rites of Passage, and Honoring Life Ceremonies.

An international teacher and healer, Lee has focused her teachings, workshops, clinical and
shamanic care, on the powerful mind-body-spirit connection.  As an in-patient care and with
her own personal death encounters, she has come to value the various forms of healing,
including shamanic methods of healing the body, mind and spirit they all profoundly offer.  
Lee is also known by her Native
gifted names as
"Touches the
by (Ottawa) and "Owl
Medicine Woman"
by (Huichol).
Elder - LEE HILFIKER, M.Ed.P.D.,
Lee Hilfiker is a full Mesa carrier (a sacred healing altar), a paqo (shaman) of
the Andean mystics traditions. Lee has studied shamanism since her childhood
and has facilitated the  Medicine Wheel, taught shamanism internationally,
and has engaged in healing ceremonies for over thirty-five years.  She
continues to offer teachings and ceremonies throughout the seasons.  Lee lives
in Eau Claire, WI (located on the and travels to other destinations to provide
Sacred Ceremonies.
Drumming With Spirit
Arts of Ceremony
Pipe Ceremony
Fire Ceremony
Medicine Wheel
Mesa, Medicine Bundle
Sweat Lodge
Blessing of the Waters
Equinox, Solstice
Standing Women
House of the Ancestors
Corn Ceremony
Medicine Wheel
Sun Staff
Prayer Arrow
World Drum -
Drumming the Vision for the Future
Drum and Journey
Soul Retrieval
Limpia - Water Blessing
The Stone People Speak
Healing Imagery and certified Clinical Hypnotherapy
Transformation Through Transition
Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency
Journey Through The Seven Chakras
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